Free money & visual storytelling workshops

16 Aug 2022

We are delighted to be working in partnership with WEA (Workers Esucational Association) to deliver two new workshops that will take place at Platform. WEA is UK's largest voluntary sector provider of adult education in England and Scotland - find out more about the work that WEA do here.

Both workshops are free to attend and materials will be provided.

Money First Aid Kit - Workshop

Concerned about the cost of living going up and up? Want to be better with your money? Money First Aid Kit is six weekly session that aims to empower you to understand, use and get more power around money together as a group. You will learn together as a group the different tools to be better with money and put them into real life situations. Find out more here.

You will grow your skills by:

- building a Money First Aid Toolkit

- make action plans for finance issues in our lives

- explore what it means to take power together to fix things

- understand more about ‘the cost of living crisis’ and how it affects you, your family and your friends

Adult Creative Sessions: Visual Storytelling

Do you like telling stories? Join Keira McLean for a series of creative sessions exploring visual storytelling. Each session, as a group, we will learn to use a variety of different techniques, including; mapping, collage, mark making and story boarding. There is always more than one way to tell a story! No experience is needed and materials will be provided. More details here.


For more information on either workshop please email info@platform-online.co.uk or phone/text 0745 810 5322 to speak to a member of the Platform team. Please note, we ask you to pre book your space before attending the session. Please do not attend until you have booking confirmation.  

Workshops are led by WEA in partnership with Platform.



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