Creative workshops at Celtic Park’s Summer Games

26 Aug 2022

Over the final two weeks of the summer holidays, the Celtic Foundation ran Summer Games at Celtic Park, welcoming young people aged 10 - 13 yrs from local schools to take part in sports and creative activity. Meals were provided. 

We were delighted to provide creative workshops for each week of the programme, offering children to take part in drama and art workshops led by artists Pearl Kinnear and Geraldine Heaney. Pearl led two sessions in t-shirt design with the chance to learn and try out screen printing. Lots of colourful flags and banners were created by the groups using their newfound techniques. 

Geraldine led the groups in fun and energetic sessions of drama, experimenting with film and performing in front of a green screen. 

The workshops took place at the iconic stadium, with a few behind the scenes tours and a chance to check out the pitch for all involved. Thank you to everyone at Celtic Foundation for being so welcoming and inviting us to be part of such an amazing programme!


Visual Arts


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