Creation and Lab Station return!

5 Sep 2017

Creation and Lab Station, our weekly drama workshops open to everyone aged 8 to 16 years return for a brand new year of workshops and performances. In a change for the new year both groups now start their sessions at 6pm providing plenty of opportunities for them to work together. Geraldine Heaney, Creation Station’s Lead Artist was excited to be back for a new year of activity:

"It was great to start back with Creation Station and see so many new faces. There’s lots of great energy, ideas and personalities and I can’t wait to get to know everyone better and find out their ideas for what we will make next!

This week we joined up with Lab Station (to make Co-Lab Station!) and ran a giant workshop all together. I’m going to Belgium next week to work with the PUSH EU project and a group of artists from Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Scotland. The project is about how we explore various difficult topics with children and young people. The topic for the group of artists in Belgium next week is (Over)Protection. So I asked Co-Lab Station to help out by sharing some of their ideas and thoughts on the topic. Film to follow but here’s a few pictures of the session from Monday night."

For more information about PUSH EU - http://www.pushproject.eu/

Artists at work
Creation Station


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