A sneaky peek into our Christmas show - Cinderella!

3 Nov 2023

As December approaches we had a chat with Lewis Hetherington, our 'resident' Christmas show playwright who has written a cracker of a show with Cinderella!

This is Lewis’ eighth show for Platform - with Goldilocks, Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs, Puss in Boots, Rapunzel, Mother Goose fae Easterhoose and Sleeping Beauty in 2022 gracing the Platform stage.

Lewis' writing has the magic touch - mixing contemporary storylines with fun, humour, twists, turns and ALL the festive feels! Not to mention some pretty good tunes…

Cinderella is on at Platform from Tue 5 until Fri 23 December 2023. Tickets are on sale now with prices starting from £6 per ticket. We are running some relaxed performances and all shows are family friendly.

Find more information and to buy your tickets click here.

What made you choose Cinderella for this year’s show?

I wanted to set myself the challenge of taking Cinderella, which is a story people know and love, and keeping all those things people love but also providing lots of surprises and twists along the way!

Audiences can expect a lot of fun, a lot of silliness, and hopefully lots of heart too. Music plays a big part - in my version, Cinderella is a brilliant singer, and she's desperate to get to the Glitter Ball so everyone can hear her sing! There is romance!

Are the characters the same as the original version?

There are definitely some changes!

The Ugly Sisters - Champagne and Bucks Fizz - are great. I mean they are terrible in many ways, but that's the fun. I had a lot of fun, because they get to say all the things out loud that we know we maybe shouldn't say.

They also both get their own storylines in my version too, more than in the original. I really wanted them to go in unexpected directions!

Cinderella is best friends with a rat called Alan who I am a big fan of.

You mention a twist…

There is a love story in the show but it maybe does not quite unfold in the way you think it will. There's definitely more than meets the eye with all the characters... especially The Ugly Sisters!

Can you tell us about the look and feel of the play?

The whole show is very big, very glam, very 80's - lots of hairspray and shoulder pads. As you would expect from Cinderella there are some great outfits! The Ball might be a little different from what you expect but very glamorous and spectacular.

Prince is a great singer and is perhaps inspired by a certain singer with whom he shares a name…

Why should people come and see it?

Because it is going to be fun! With romance, jokes, Christmas and lots of music, it's going to be a PARTY!







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