Artistic Director Update + Annual Report 21/22 | December 2022

19 Dec 2022

For me, 2022 has raced past. Becoming a father whilst grappling with how to lead and manage Platform as we emerge from the pandemic has made for a busy year. In many ways it feels like just five minutes since we were looking ahead to what the year would bring. And yet, looking back to where we were in January: wearing masks indoors and social distancing firmly in place, it feels as though we have travelled quite a distance. 

Details on recent activity at Platform can be found here, in our Annual Report. Capturing what we delivered between April 2021 and March 2022, the report includes some of the highlights and key milestones in another extraordinary year. The document is a summary of our full Trustees Annual Report + Accounts which can be found here.

From stand-out figures like the 10,510 meals packed and distributed by Mary and the Café Bar team as part of the Children’s Holiday Food Programme, to the sheer number and range of artists, production companies and third-sector partners we have worked with over the last year – working at Platform continues to bring variety and joy.

When planning for 2022 with the team, everyone was excited at the prospect of welcoming audiences back to the venue. A little bit like hosting your own party however, we were not certain that people would return when we opened the doors. Looking back on packed-out, well-attended events like the exhibition launches, Tea Dances, Time’s Plague, the WOW Disco, Enough of Him, The Summer Festival days in Alexandra Park and The Bridge and Sleeping Beauty, it has been a great privilege and lots of fun to see old friends and meet new people. Something we all look forward to doing more of in 2023!

The last year and perhaps the last six months, in particular, have not been without challenge, however. And, as prices continue to rise, and our resource continues to be stretched thin, tough choices lie ahead. We know we’re not alone in this however and, as ever, it continues to be a source of great strength and encouragement to work alongside so many hardworking and dedicated artists and partner organisations. 

Financial and operational support from the likes of Glasgow Life, Glasgow City Council, Creative Scotland, Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector, Glasgow Kelvin College, The Robertson Trust and the Blairtummock and Rogerfield partnership have enabled our charity not just to survive but grow and develop over the last twelve months and we’re deeply thankful for the generosity and encouragement each has shown us. 

The continued care, imagination and passion that the artists we work with continue to bring to the work they deliver here at Platform is energising and motivating. With our programme for the first half of next year released and events on public sale, we’re excited to welcome more new and original music, performance and visual art to the venue. More information about what we have planned can be found here but it all kicks off with a musical about Glasgow’s buses. We’ll also be celebrating the music of Denny Oliver, hosting some stunning East End portraits, a brand-new dance theatre production for families and our brand new multi-artform festival, Made in Easterhouse. 

The last six weeks of the year have provided some real highlights as, with Sleeping Beauty, we have been able to host a Christmas show at Platform once again. Having an Auditorium full of children, young people and families singing, dancing, laughing and enjoying themselves has been the perfect way to bring the year to a close and the support of all the schools, groups and individuals that have headed along to catch the show is much appreciated. 

Behind this large amount of work is a small team and special thanks and congratulations must go to every team member, permanent, full-time, part-time, freelancer, casual worker and volunteer that have contributed over the last twelve months and more. 

Finally, huge thanks to everyone that has supported Platform throughout 2022. Whether it be buying a ticket to a show, attending weekly workshops or having a cuppa in the café – thank you for your continued support, happy holidays and look forward to seeing you in the new year! 

Matt Addicott - Artistic Director - Platform



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