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9 Jun 2020

Elaine, one of our Art Factory group regulars, has been staying creative during lockdown. Using a variety of materials, some from the Platform Art Pack of creative materials we recently posted out, she has created a colourful, textured piece of artwork. Our Art Factory group met every Tuesday afternoon at Platform to work on a variety of artist led projects. The group is currently off during lockdown however the group is meeting up socially online.

We caught up with Elaine for a chat about her art journey and her lockdown creation…

“I have been attending the Art Factory group at Platform since 2014. Art was one of my subjects at Lochend Community High School although I hadn’t used my art skills until around 8 years later when I started a jewellery design college course.

“After joining Art Factory, it was a case of starting to find out what kind of art I liked. I even used music to help me concentrate while doing my artwork. It wasn’t until a few years ago I got really interested in Asian artwork.

“Although most Asian artists tend to use ink for their artwork, I use pastel, charcoal, watercolour, acrylic paints, sketching pencils, screen printing and fine-liner pens in my versions. I don’t just draw on paper, I use canvas, ready-made bamboo fans (sourced from eBay), badges and T-shirts.

“I listen to different types of music but it’s mostly K-Pop, J-Pop and M-Pop. One of the groups that I like have recently been uploading clips online and they also broadcast live when they do art projects - either on VLive or YouTube.

“One of the music group members – Jungkook - uploaded a piece of artwork – and then other artists did their own digital versions of this. I decided to do this too, however I wanted my version to be different and recreated it with some of the materials from the Platform art pack. The group model for the Fila brand so I used some of these colours on the piece.

“I was keen that my version wasn’t flat and wanted it to have some structure and texture. I used a variety of materials.

“I have another idea on my next art project that I will be using from the art pack – watch this space!”

Materials used:

Japanese Paper ~ Moon

Paper ~ Fisherman, the whole page

Sketching Pencils ~ Eye, Fisherman fishing line and sea

Watercolour Pencils ~ Eye Pupil

Watercolour Paint ~ Fisherman and clouds

Fineliner Pens ~ Fisherman and eye

Thick Cardboard ~ backing for fisherman

Stick of Glue ~ Moon, Fisherman, fishing rod and Clouds

Cotton Wool ~ Clouds

Bit of melted stretched Plastic ~ Fishing Rod

Dad ~ making the fishing rod

Fabric paint - for painting the fishing rod

If you have created something with art materials we have sent you via one of our postal packs or online activities, and would like to share it with us, please email info@platform-online.co.uk with the details.

Thank you to the Edinburgh Art Shop for some of the art materials within the postal art packs.

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