Written and Directed by Adura Onashile produced by Scottish Theatre Producers in association with the Traverse Theatre Company

Expensive Sh*t

6 Mar 2017
16yrs +
£8.50 / £5 / £4 Local Links

“The country change, the city change, the
people dem think they change, but I tell you
dem shit the same. Dem all dey run from it
the same.”

One toilet attendant. Two sets of toilets. One night. Worlds apart.

A nightclub toilet attendant in a fictional club based on the Shimmy Club in Glasgow. Her conflicted journey spliced with flashbacks to the toilets of the Shrine nightclub in Lagos, Nigeria, where her younger self dreams of becoming a dancer in the revolutionary band of the late Nigerian musician, Fela Kuti.

Written and directed by Adura Onashile, produced by Scottish Theatre Producers, previously presented in association at the Traverse Theatre as part of Made in Scotland showcase 2016. Developed with support from the National Theatre, SoHo Theatre London and Southbank Centre, London.

**** The Herald **** The Scotsman


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