The New Easterhouse Mosaic by Alex Frost was commissioned by Platform and The Glasgow School of Art in association with Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art (GI) 2012.
Inspired by the iconic Easterhouse mosaic that was created in the 1980ís with the community and located in Lochend, The New Easterhouse Mosaic was launched in April 2012 and now welcomes visitors to The Bridge at the Westerhouse Road entrance.
An accompanying exhibition The Old & New Easterhouse Mosaic (& everything in between) saw artist Alex Frost, work alongside the community to document the mosaic heritage of Easterhouse. You can view the publication, The Mosaics of Easterhouse, cataloguing more than 40 mosaics situated within a few miles of The Bridge.


During the opening weekend, salvaged pieces of the original Easterhouse Mosaic were selected and documented for a one-off viewing and celebration.  Individuals and community groups took sections of the old mosaic, many sharing their stories of the mosaic when sited at the Lochend shops.  Platform will continue to distribute sections of the mosaic across the community.  If you would like a piece of the old mosaic, or are part of a community group and are interested in finding out more, please contact Platform via the specially created Facebook page or on 0141 276 9670 or email us at
In addition, Platform has been exploring the history of the old mosaic.  Alongside selected archival material that has been unearthed during our research, Platform has created a Facebook page -; so that old photos, stories and memories related to the old mosaic can be shared.  If you have any information you would like to share, we would be delighted if you contacted us.


PRESS LINKS - Art & Architechture Journal / The New York Times  for Alex Frost & Gi

All images courtesy of Alan Dimmick

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