Glasgow East Arts Company has a Board of Trustees comprising the following bodies:

  • Glasgow City Council;
  • Glasgow Community Planning Partnership;
  • Glasgow Kelvin College;
  • Glasgow Regeneration Agency; and
  • Visual Statement

The Trustees are:

  • Councillor James Coleman (Chair) (GCC));
  • Councillor Frank Docherty (GCC);
  • Councillor Maureen Burke (GCPP);
  • Alan Sherry (GKC);
  • James Gow (GKC);
  • Gary Hay;
  • Louise Connor;
  • Billy Garret;
  • Tracey Kelly;
  • Marian Keogh;
  • Alex Kirk;
  • Jeanette Lamb (Visual Statement);
  • Professor Gayle McPherson; and
  • Karen Shaw.

The company holds around 5 meetings of the full board each year and 6 meetings of the staffing and finance sub committee.

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